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Current And Past Clients

Education and Research

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) See projects »

UK Research Data Service (UKRDS) Feasibility Study Read more »

Principal and senior consultants and research associates in partnership with Serco Consulting (lead consultancy) and Grant Thornton on the feasibility study for UKRDS. The study was funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England) under its Shared Services programme and led by the Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL) and the Russell Group of IT Directors (RUGIT).

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Jisc See projects »

Research Data Management Programme Cost/Benefit Analysis Read more »

Providing advice and support on cost and benefit analyses to projects in the JISC Data Management Infrastructure Programme.

Keeping Research Data Safe Read more »

Lead consultants with associates and partners at: the Universities of Cambridge, King's College London, Oxford, and Southampton; the Archaeology Data Service; UK Data Archive; and OCLC Research, in JISC-funded studies to develop a cost model and benefits toolkit for long-term preservation of research data in UK universities.

E-Journal Archiving Study Read more »

Principal and senior consultants in partnerships with Tee Em Consulting in a study for JISC of e-journal archiving solutions.

Digital Preservation Policies Study Read more »

Lead consultants for the JISC. This study researched and produced a model digital preservation policy and mapped digital preservation in to major institutional strategies (research, teaching and learning, information, libraries, and records management) in universities.

The Infrastructure for Integration in Structural Sciences (I2S2) Project Read more »

I2S2 was funded under the JISC’s Managing Research Data Programme. It identified requirements for a data-driven research infrastructure in “Structural Science”, focussing on the domain of Chemistry, but with a view towards inter-disciplinary application. Charles Beagrie Ltd worked with UKOLN (University of Bath and DCC), The Universities of Southampton and Cambridge, and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) as partners in the project.

Impact of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Read more »

This project will analyse and survey perceptions of the value of digital collections held by the Archaeology Data Service and how those perceptions of value can be measured. As part of this work, we will assess and quantify the economic impact of those collections with the ultimate objective of improving their prospects for sustainability.The project is being conducted by a consortium led by the University of York (the Archaeology Data Service) together with Charles Beagrie Limited and the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies Victoria University (Prof John Houghton).

What to Keep? Read more »

This project for Jisc explored the optimal data to keep from research projects conducted at UK institutions and what conditions, such as openness or timescales, might be ideal. We consulted the views of researchers (as data creators and data users), research funders, ethics professionals, archivists, research data managers, peer reviewers, other research users, and others on these questions. We analysed the reasons for their views, and whether research data is kept in line with those views, or not.

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Oxford University See projects »

Formative/Summative Evaluation of Building the Research Information Infrastructure (BRII) project Read more »

The aim of the BRII project is to enable efficient sharing of research activity data (i.e. data about research at the University of Oxford) from a selection of existing data stores and to create exemplar services that disseminate and re-use that data using a lightweight solution based on semantic web technologies.

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The Digital Preservation Coalition See projects »

Technology Watch Reports Read more »

The reports are intended as an advanced introduction to specific issues in IT, standards and tools for those charged with establishing or running services for long term access. Charles Beagrie Limited was sub-contracted to the DPC to commission and produce the Digital Preservation Technology Watch Reports Series under the general supervision of an editorial board and Neil Beagrie as principal investigator and managing editor. The 14 reports we produced include: Preserving Email; Preserving Moving Picture and Sound; Intellectual Property Rights for Preservation; Digital Forensics and Preservation; Web-Archiving; Preservation, Trust, and Continuing Access for e-Journals; Preserving eBooks; and The Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model: Introductory Guide (2nd Edition); Personal Digital Archiving; Preserving Social Media; Preserving Transactional Data; and Preservation with PDF/A. All the reports are open-access peer-reviewed publications and can be downloaded from the DPC website.

Peer Review of SPRUCE Business Case Toolkit Read more »

Neil Beagrie formally peer-reviewed the SPRUCE Business Case Toolkit which is now online at: The toolkit resulted from a ‘booksprint’ based on research which the SPRUCE project did on the business cases which people make for investment in digital preservation. The outcome of this and the peer review was the new ‘Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit’ which is available on the DPC wiki.

Digital Preservation Handbook Read more »

We are acting as managing editors for and as one of the contributors to the second edition of the Digital Preservation Handbook.The Digital Preservation Handbook, originally written by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones, is hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), which makes the Handbook freely available as an online resource. The Handbook provides an internationally authoritative and practical online guide that is heavily used for continuous professional development, for university students, and for training in digital preservation.The National Archives is working together with other stakeholders including Jisc and the British Library, to support the Digital Preservation Coalition in updating and revamping the Handbook. It is anticipated that its revision will be modular and undertaken over a two year period.

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Bristol University See projects »

PEG-BOARD Read more »

The project focussed on management of palæoclimate data, an important research area today as a result of the worldwide focus on anthropocentric climate change. It has enabled open access to historical climate data in a systematic, managed environment.It explored the data management needs of a palæoclimate research group and the linked ecosystem of researchers, including named project partners and associates active in Earth Sciences, Archaeology and journalism/?broadcasting (BBC). Charles Beagrie supported the University in developing a cost/benefit case and sustainability planning.

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Leicester University See projects »

Biomedical Research Infrastructure Software Service (BRISSkit) Read more »

The Biomedical Research Infrastructure Software Service kit (BRISSkit) is funded by the JISC UMF Shared Services and the Cloud Programme. Its main aim is to design, deliver and begin to exploit a national data hosting service for researchers in the field of Biomedicine and Bioinformatics.The service is being developed in partnership between the University of Leicester and the Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit based at the Glenfield Hospital in the University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust. Charles Beagrie is supporting the University in developing its Return on Investment (RoI) Report for the project.

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Southampton University See projects »

Smart Research Framework (SRF) Read more »

The Smart Research Framework project is enhancing and deploying Southampton’s existing LabTrove, Blog3, and LabBroker services to a shared virtual infrastructure/cloud. This enables them to provide essential tools for research data management to other universities. Charles Beagrie is supporting the University in developing the Return on Investment (RoI) report for the project.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Evaluation Read more »

We are assisting the University and its partner in the Pharmaceutical industry in assessing the ROI and benefits arising from their joint KTP project.

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Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) See projects »

The Value and Impact of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) Read more »

A study and collaboration between Charles Beagrie Ltd (Neil Beagrie), and the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies Victoria University (Prof John Houghton) on the value and impact of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC).The BADC, based at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK, is the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) Designated Data Centre for the Atmospheric Sciences.Users and depositors from all sectors were invited to participate in in-depth interviews, and secondly an online survey to gauge the levels of use, impacts, and perceptions of value amongst the broadest possible range of BADC users. Our economic analysis includes a range of approaches, starting with the most immediate and direct measures of value that are likely to represent lower bound estimates of the value of BADC data and services and moving outwards to estimates of the wider economic benefits.

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Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) See projects »

Economic Evaluation of Research Data Infrastructure Read more »

This study is being conducted jointly by Charles Beagrie Ltd with Prof John Houghton of the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University and is looking at the economic impact of the Economic and Social Data Service in the UK.

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Bath University See projects »

Research 360 Read more »

The Research 360 Project addresses the long-tail of high quality small science characterised by applied research and faculty-industry partnerships. Charles Beagrie are contributing to building the business case and applying the KRDS Benefits Toolkit with a focus on faculty research data drivers for the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

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Manchester University See projects »

Digital Preservation Strategy Read more »

The John Rylands University Library (JRUL) commissioned Charles Beagrie to complete an external review of its draft Digital Preservation Strategy. The review was conducted via a combination of desk research and analysis, interviews with relevant JRUL staff and completion by those staff of an abridged version of the Cornell Survey of Institutional Readiness.

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Endangered Languages Archive, SOAS University of London See projects »

Business Case and Digital Preservation System Read more »

We assisted ELAR in developing its new business case for long-term sustainability planning; and in developing requirements and market analysis for a new digital preservation system.

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Library of Congress and Council on Library and Information Resources See projects »

National Digital Preservation Initiatives Research Report Read more »

Researched and authored "National Digital Preservation Initiatives: an overview of developments in Australia, France, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom and related international activity" a report to the Library of Congress for the US National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP).

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European Commission See projects »

Socio-Economic Impact Studies Read more »

Expert advice to the European Commission on economic impact studies for research data infrastructure.

eSCIDR Research Study Read more »

Principal and senior consultants sub-contracted to the Digital Archiving Consultancy on the eSCIDR study for the European Commission. e-SciDR is a study to drive forward the development and use of digital repositories in the EU in all areas of science, from the humanities to the earth sciences.

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Rand Europe See projects »

Peer Review Read more »

of draft consultancy reports.

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Centre for Documentation and Research, Abu Dhabi See projects »

Management Consultancy Read more »

Principal consultant sub-contracted to the Digital Archiving Consultancy on management consultancy for the Centre for Documentation and Research, Abu Dhabi.

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Alliance of German Science Organisations See projects »

National Strategy Report Read more »

Charles Beagrie Limited were awarded the consultancy to develop recommendations for a national hosting strategy for electronic resources in Germany on behalf of the Alliance for German Scientific Organisations.Our local partners and sub-contractors were Globale Informationstechnik GmbH. The members of the Alliance of German Science Organisations are the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Rectors' Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz - HRK), the Helmholtz Association, the Leibniz Association, the Max Planck Society, and the Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities).

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Duke University See projects »

Dryad Repository Sustainability Plan Read more »

Dryad is an emerging digital repository for supplementary data underlying published works in ecology, evolution, and related fields being developed by a consortium of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in the USA and relevant scientific societies and academic journals. Charles Beagrie Limited were commissioned to develop a sustainability plan for the Dryad repository.

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Danish National Archives/Danish National Library See projects »

Formative/Summative Evaluation of the Cost of Digital Preservation Project Read more »

The evaluation looked at the project goals and to what extent they were achieved and carried out an additional independent benchmarking exercise against related costing approaches. Future opportunities and areas of synergy with similar projects were considered and recommendations made.

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International Labour Organisation See projects »

ILO Library Consultancy Read more »

Charles Beagrie have been commissioned by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to help develop a new strategic vision for the ILO Library that will help it reposition itself in the collaborative, digital, mobile era.

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Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) See projects »

Danish National Strategy for Permanent Access to e-Journals Read more »

We conducted a study for DEFF to provide a framework for developing a Danish national strategy (and selecting solutions) for Permanent Access to e-Journals in Denmark. As part of the study, we conducted interviews with Danish University and College Libraries to capture their requirements, undertook desk research and interviews with potential solution providers and library consortia in peer countries, prepared a report with findings and recommendations, and ran presentations for the DEFF board and a workshop for Danish librarians in Copenhagen.

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European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) See projects »

Value and Impact Study of the EBI Read more »

We conducted a value and impact report as well as impact case studies for the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The institute is extending its evaluation processes in order to assess its realised benefits and impact, notably in the context of the Large Facilities Capital Fund (LFCF) programme.

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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives See projects »

Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit Read more »

This toolkit is comprised of: Three factsheets - Benefits (KRDS benefits and more recent material), Costs (KRDS costs, 4C ,etc.), and Return on Investment (evidence from impact studies and for “costs of inaction”); Two worksheets - the Archive Development Canvas (a non-profit archive version of the Business Model Canvas), and the Benefits Summary for a Data Archive (an updated social science version of the KRDS Benefits Framework); Four case studies; and a user guide. All these materials are on open-access.

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European Publications Office See projects »

Digital Preservation Consultancy Read more »

We are providing consultancy support to the Publications Office of the European Union (Publications Office), based in Luxembourg, an inter-institutional office whose task is to publish the publications of the institutions of the European Union and ensure long-term preservation of content produced by EU institutions and bodies.

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The UK National Archives See projects »

Digital Preservation Strategy Read more »

Assisted the UK National Archives (TNA) with development of a revised digital preservation strategy.

Long-term Digital Preservation and Archive Legislation Research Report Read more »

Co-authored and researched with the Digital Archiving Consultancy a report for the UK National Archives (TNA) on key issues and principles that must govern long term preservation of digital records. This was conducted as part of the TNA's review of the applicability to modern electronic records of existing archive legislation.

Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation Read more »

The aims of the consultancy are to: establish standards and requirements for cloud based management and preservation of digital records held in places of deposit and other public sector archives; explore options from existing framework contracts for the provision of such services, collate into guidance for public sector archives, and provide a communications plan for promotion of the guidance. The work is being undertaken between September 2013 and March 2014.

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EARL: The Consortium for Public Library Networking See projects »

Digitisation Best Practice Guide Read more »

Researched and authored Going Digital: issues in digitisation for public libraries, Issues Paper for the Networked Services Policy Task Group, EARL 2001.

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New Opportunities Fund See projects »

Technical Assessor Read more »

for proposals submitted to the NOF Digitisation programme.

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Heritage Lottery Fund See projects »

Technical Assessor Read more »

for digitisation proposals submitted to the HLF.

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Jisc See projects »

Impact of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Read more »

This project will analyse and survey perceptions of the value of digital collections held by the Archaeology Data Service and how those perceptions of value can be measured. As part of this work, we will assess and quantify the economic impact of those collections with the ultimate objective of improving their prospects for sustainability. The project is being conducted by a consortium led by the University of York (the Archaeology Data Service) together with Charles Beagrie Limited and the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies Victoria University (Prof John Houghton).

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We have provided a range of strategic studies and advice to the commercial sector. Individual project details are normally confidential but anonymised generic projects are provided here as examples. See projects »

Digital Preservation Study Read more »

Co-authored and researched with Cornwell Management Consultants a digital preservation study for a major public utility company.

Market Research and Strategic Advice Read more »

Market research and strategic advice to clients on research data management

Digital Preservation Systems Review and Procurement Read more »

We completed an organisation assessment, review of the digital preservation systems market, and a client report with costed recommendations.

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