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Recent Talks


Research Data - What to Keep? LIBER Webinar March 2020 March 2020


Datanomics Costs, Benefits, and Value of Research Data keynotes to DPC/Jisc Meetings February/May 2019 April 2019


Value and impact of research data services workshop presentation at the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) February 2017


CESSDA SaW Funding advocacy toolkit Presentation on the Value and Impact of Social Science Data Archives and the CESSDA SaW Toolkit for the CESSDA SaW workshop in The Hague, June 2016 June 2016


The Digital Preservation Handbook - a new edition 2015 Presentation to DCDC15 conference in October 2015 October 2015


The Value and Impact of Research Data Infrastructure presentation to Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) conference, Karlsruhe, September 2014

The Cloud and Digital Preservation:Potential and Challenges presentation to Archivematica Go-Live Event,National Library of Wales, February 2014

The Problem: An Introduction to Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access for e-Journals presentation to Academic Publishers Europe (APE) Conference, Berlin, January 2014